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Publications & Presentations

Dr. Anna Robbins


‘Extending God’s Wider Presence Through Reason and Noetic Experience:  A Response to God’s Wider Presence by Robert Johnston’, Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture, 12 no.1, 2016, 79-84.

‘It’s Always Right Now: framing the struggle for meaning in contemporary culture.’ Holiness, Vol 2, Issue 3, 2016.

‘Everyday Grace: Seeing with Fresh Eyes.’ Mosaic, CBM, Winter 2015, 5-9.

‘Holy How? Standing Out from Culture for the Right Reasons.” Mission Catalyst Didcot: BMS, Issue 3, 2015.


The Myth of Exile – ‘We Are Babylon’ with Dr. Anna Robbins – Simpson Lectures 2016 [Video]

The Myth of Hospitality – ‘We Are Babylon’ with Dr. Anna Robbins – Simpson Lectures 2016 [Video]

The Myth of Security – ‘We Are Babylon’ with Dr. Anna Robbins – Simpson Lectures 2016 [Video]

‘We are Babylon: Transforming postcolonial crocodile tears into collective repentance’ LST Laing Lecture, 2016.[Video]