INITIATIVESThe Centre has several ongoing and unique initiatives that delve into the convergence of faith, vocation, the Church, and our ever-evolving cultural context.

Futuring Hub for Theo-Futures Research

The purpose of the Futuring Hub is to learn with and support Christian leaders and organizations to prayerfully and intentionally consider and plan how to navigate future challenges and opportunities, all while remaining firmly grounded in their faith and mission.

Red Sofa Conversations

Red Sofa conversations aim is to bridge the gap between faith and culture, fostering meaningful dialogues that not only deepen our understanding but also inspire us to engage with the world around us from a place of faith, wisdom, and compassion.

Fearless: Christ & Culture Primer

The world is changing so rapidly, we find it difficult to understand what’s happening to our churches, or where our faith fits. Fearless is a resource designed for small groups to tackle what it means to live out the Christian faith in an ever-changing culture.

Raising the Conversation

A podcast dedicated to exploring the conversations between people of faith and those who shape our wider culture as artists, scholars, faith leaders, or thought leaders.

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