A Guide to Christ, Culture, and Courageous Faith

The world is changing so rapidly, we find it difficult to understand what’s happening to our churches, or where our faith fits. We can lock the doors and hide in fear, or we can engage our mission to the world with courage! Fearless is a new resource designed for small groups to tackle what it means to live out the Christian faith in an ever-changing culture. Lively introductions by Lennett Anderson, and clear teaching by Anna Robbins, together with a leader’s study guide, will equip your group to understand the relationship between faith and culture, so that they can live courageously as Christians in the world today.

The six sessions include the following topics
  • What is culture?
  • How do faith and culture relate?
  • How does culture influence faith?
  • What does it mean to be in the world and not of the world?
  • How does faith influence culture?
  • How do we live out Fearless faith today?

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Who’s Leading Fearless?

Learn from Dr. Anna Robbins

Anna is passionate about helping Christians learn to live out a vibrant faith in the world today. She is the Director of the Andrew D MacRae Centre for Christian Faith and Culture. She also serves as the Vice-President of Acadia Divinity College and is the Dr. Millard R. Cherry Professor of Theology, Ethics and Culture.

Your host Rev. Lennett Anderson

Lennett will guide you through the six sessions of Fearless. He will help you prepare for each session, and challenge you to apply what you learn. He is a gifted and passionate communicator and serves as the Senior Pastor of EBC: The MEETing Place, Upper Hammonds Plains, NS. Named by MacLean’s Magazine as “one of five Canadian Pastors who are breathing new life into their communities,” he has been identified as a source of inspiration and encouragement to many.

The MacRae Centre

The Andrew D. MacRae Centre for Christian Faith and Culture is integral to the work of Acadia Divinity College in preparing Christian leaders to think more deeply on matters of faith and witness. The Centre provides a reliable setting for people to explore the intersections between faith, vocation, and realities of a shifting cultural landscape.

Launched in 2016, the Centre is a space for exploring information, reflection, and understanding through robust research and the provision of credible resources. We provide a forum for debate and intellectual engagement through dialogue with a diversity of views and perspectives, whether through blogs, articles, or public discussions. It is our hope to speak clearly and prophetically into culture through the media of daily life – events, art, music, film – in order to elucidate the liberating and loving reality of God for the world.

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