The MacRae Centre offers enriching learning opportunities to help you explore the relationship between faith and culture.

Get your feet wet

Christ and Culture Primer

A 5-part small group study designed for small groups in churches, house groups, adult Sunday School elective, etc., to introduce the main dynamics of relating Christian faith and contemporary culture. This resource will walk you through each study with an introduction, exploration, summary and questions. A book and leader’s study guide are also available. (Coming Soon)

Take a course at Acadia Divinity College

A number of courses in Christian Ethics, Apologetics and various aspects of faith and culture are available on rotation at ADC. You can join a class in person as an auditor or for credit. Students can also study for credit from anywhere through ADC Go (hybrid online), or as a virtual student (dial-in to class via computer and video). Search for a course by term offered here.

Courses are available for all levels, from certificate to doctorate.

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If you are ready to be a student, then contact us for information about a MA in Theology degree, or a Doctor of Ministry with a specialization in almost any aspect of faith and contemporary culture, from philosophical apologetics to contemporary church renewal. For faculty specializations look here.

Current students are studying and researching topics as varied as Apologetics and CS Lewis, Justice and Youth, Holy Spirit in Postmodern context, the body in sexualized culture, apologetic issues for university students, reconciliation between Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians, and reconciliation between churches and First Nations communities.

Bachelor of Theology students and Master of Divinity students also have these or similar courses on offer. To apply for a program click here.