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The Andrew D. MacRae Centre for Christian Faith and Culture is integral to the work of Acadia Divinity College in preparing Christian leaders to think more deeply on matters of faith and witness. The Centre provides a reliable setting for people to explore the intersections between faith, vocation, and realities of a shifting cultural landscape.

Launched in 2016, the Centre is a space for exploring information, reflection, and understanding through robust research and the provision of credible resources. We provide a forum for debate and intellectual engagement through dialogue with a diversity of views and perspectives, whether through blogs, articles, or public discussions. It is our hope to speak clearly and prophetically into culture through the media of daily life – events, art, music, film – in order to elucidate the liberating and loving reality of God for the world.


We are inundated with myriad voices, social media posts, and online news stories that inform our daily routines and thinking. In this age of information overload, with its challenges to a Christian worldview, how is it possible to know what’s true and what deserves attention?

As a Centre for Excellence at Acadia Divinity College, the MacRae Centre brings clarity to a clouded world by three primary means:


The first step is to engage and explore the information which fills daily life. This includes intently reading, watching, seeing, and observing the cultural markers and artifacts of society. The Centre actively identifies and engages debates and ideas proposed by the world, seeking out perspectives with which the church must engage.


Not all ideas are created equal. The Centre analyzes critically the philosophical and ideological forces which inform the voices in society, to distill the essence of positions and movements in culture.


God is concerned with all aspects of human existence. The Centre offers considered theological responses to culture which are rooted in biblical and historical contexts, so that Christians may act in the contemporary world with renewed confidence.


This is God’s world. Creation and incarnation demonstrate God’s active role in human history, extended through the life and ministry of Jesus. As he travelled the dusty roads of Palestine, he actively engaged both people and culture, challenging, encouraging, and confidently living out the ultimate reality of God’s Kingdom on earth. Christians are called to be the conduit for the reality of God to the world around them, engaging vividly and actively with their peers, whether in social, professional, academic, or religious contexts. The MacRae Centre for Christian Faith & Culture engages in theological reflection on a rapidly-changing culture in order to equip Christians with a deep understanding of how to live and express faith in today’s world.


To generate research that serves as a tool for the renewal of churches and parachurch organizations;

To provide a diverse cross-section of resources on a Christian response to those issues that dominate and define contemporary culture;

To offer formal and informal training opportunities that explore the intersection of faith, culture and public witness;

To host creative conversations and events that draw students, congregants, and community members into our space at ADC;

To model faithful living through the practices of community fellowship, cultural humility, symbolic acts, and rigorous theological reflection.


Dr. Anna Robbins,


BA (Carleton University)
MRE (Acadia University)
MA (Theology) (Acadia University)
PhD (University of Wales)

Dr. Anna Robbins is the President of Acadia Divinity College, Dean of Theology at Acadia University, and the Dr. Millard R. Cherry Professor of Theology, Ethics and Culture.

Joel Murphy,

Facilitator of Trend Research and Analysis

Bachelor of Theology, Acadia University
Master of Arts in Theological and Religious Studies, Saint Mary’s University
PhD Candidate in Educational Studies, Mount Saint Vincent University

Joel is a community-based researcher with a passion for learning, his faith, and people. Joel adopts an Engaged Scholar approach to his work and has held various research related roles at St. Francis Xavier University, Mount Saint Vincent University, Acadia University, and the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC). He has an extensive background in research design, para church and church ministry, social impact assessment, evidence-based program design, knowledge mobilization and experiential education.

Leslie Archibald,

Knowledge Mobilization Specialist

Bachelor of Community Development, Acadia University
Bachelor of Theology, Acadia University

Leslie is enthusiastic in equipping the church with knowledge in hopes to support a brighter future. In addition to her position here, she works at Middleton Baptist Church where she runs a youth centre called The Spot Centre for Youth. 

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The Centre for Christian Faith and Culture is named for the late Rev. Dr. Andrew D. MacRae in honour of his valuable leadership as the 4th Principal of Acadia Divinity College and recognition of his lifelong commitment to evangelism and mission.

Dr. MacRae’s greatest desire was for people to know Christ; he was an evangelist and theological educator who spoke and preached locally and around the world. He was called to Acadia to establish the first chair in evangelism and mission in Canada, which he achieved in 1983. He then served as Principal (President) and Dean of Theology from 1985 to 1998. In 2004, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Acadia University, in recognition of his wide service and contribution to the college. Dr. MacRae served the church and college faithfully, a valued mentor to many leaders until the time of his death in 2016. His legacy of helping churches and Christian leaders learn to engage the world continues through the MacRae Centre for Christian Faith and Culture.


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