Last week we caught up with Paul Colman, a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter who once played with Newsboys before he was known as a solo artist. You can see him in action here at an outdoor concert in Norway:

In a MacRae Centre interview with Chris Johnston, Colman opened up about his life as an artist, the difficulties of being a ‘Christian’ musician, challenges of discipleship, his broken marriage, and his love for his kids.

Here he talks about the expectations people have of a ‘Christian’ artist, in contrast to an artist who happens to be a Christian:

Reflecting on the faith and culture task of the MacRae Centre, Paul issued a challenge to Christians to engage culture through their actions, and not only by their words:

You can watch the full interview here, where Chris Johnston does an excellent job of drawing Colman on life, discipleship and family:

We wish Paul the best as he continues to travel with Jarvis Lepper, raising funds and awareness for Harvest House.

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