Jesus + Jobs = Justice

I remember reading Ron Sider’s Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger when I was a seminary student twenty years ago. It was already a classic, and I was elated to finally feel understood. He was a welcome companion on the journey I was taking into understanding the relationship between faith and justice.

We have had the privilege of having Dr. Sider with us twice at ADC, as he has come to teach courses on wholistic ministry as part of our Doctor of Ministry program. Here he explains what ‘wholistic ministry’ is:

One day during his visit, Jill Keliher sat down with Dr. Sider and asked him a few questions for the MacRae Centre. You can watch this interview here:

Ron Sider provides a voice of sanity within and without evangelicalism. In an age that has rediscovered the Christian mission of justice, he speaks of the indispensability of the work of Christ as integral to BOTH salvation AND mission. For those who are prone to forget Jesus, or justice, he reminds us that we can’t have one without the other. People needs Jesus, he says. And people need jobs. Christians need to be involved with making sure they have both. Spiritual change without structural change is not justice.

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