Feature Artist: Josh Sahunta

I first met this apologist-in-the-making at RZIM summer school in Vancouver. I remember Josh as a passionate disciple, with gifts of music and evangelism. We met again this year at the RZIM summit in Winnipeg, and we had a chance to talk more about Josh’s work, his future, and his desire to be more deeply equipped to engage his gifts with both Christ and the culture in which we live. I was delighted when he agreed to allow this song to be featured on our MC blog. Let it touch your soul. And thanks Josh.

Here’s what Josh had to say about this piece:

“Yearbook speaks about an individual who has suffered a great personal loss, and how they struggle to find a purpose in their faith in light of this loss. It speaks into the suffering of many Christ-followers, who despite their suffering say: “to whom shall I go?” It continues to trust in the One who wipes away all tears.”

I wrote this song at a time in my life when I was having a very difficult time finding meaning in all the suffering I was experiencing. I came to a point where I doubted that even God was able to hear me and so I began to turn my back on him by cutting off communication. It took me only a few days to realize that living this way was utterly futile and that there would be nowhere else that I could take refuge other than in the arms of Jesus. This song speaks about being in a place where hope seems lost, but God’s voice speaks into the brokenness, calls you by name, and takes you back under his wings.”